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Bejeweled Cloisonne Dragon on Seal Statue

Bejeweled Cloisonne Dragon on Seal Statue

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The bejeweled dragon on seal both represent high ranking and power. This item thus brings one great career and promotional luck. It is very beneficial for those in management level.

One of the most magnificent and enchanting of all creatures . the dragon is one of the four celestial animals of feng shui. The dragon is one of the most powerful symbols in feng shui and Chinese culture . and represents success . good health . vitality . and protection. These enchanting creatures are full of strength . and is one of the most sacred creatures in Chinese culture and folklore . representing power . abundance . good luck . and honor.

The emperors of ancient China regarded themselves as descendants of dragons . and dragons are widely seen on ancient robes . art . and literature. Displaying a dragon will boost cosmic chi – otherwise known as “sheng” chi – and is a business luck enhancer . guardian spirit . and commander of wisdom.

The Dragon on Seal can be opened for storing wishing note or small coins.  Display this tool in the south for 2016.

The dimension of the whole statue is approx. 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 4".  It is made of bejeweled cloisonne.

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